Friday, January 19, 2007

Lacy, and the implications thereof

Someone asked me what I was working on when I was knitting this in semi-public. "A lacy washcloth," I answered.

"You know, " he said. "Lacy sounds a lot better when followed by bra or panties."

I suppose this is true. Despite getting the awesome book, Naughty Needles, I've yet to knit anything particularly naughty. No, these are nice, wholesome facecloths, a late Christmas gift for a friend that has moved away.

They may feel stiff at first, but the linen is lovely, and will soften up with each use. I love this fact in a fiber. Not only is it okay to wash it very often, it's actually a good thing. It makes the item better. Until it eventually falls apart, but such is the way of things.
I threw in some handmade soap (that I've been hoarding for no apparent reason) and a Curious George pen (because we're grown up now, but we're not that grown up) and I finally mailed it off today. Yes, I know it's nearly a month past Christmas. I can't even claim any other holidays. But hey, hand knit linen washcloths? Who's going to complain?
There are a few of their friends at the shop, but I don't have a picture.
In summary:
Yarn: Louet Eurosport Linen (100% linen, mmmm)
Pattern: Bathing Beauties, a Fiber Trends pattern
Needles: Size 4
Time: Each one could easily be made in a night. Not that I made them in a night, mind you. But you could.
Total cost: 2 skeins will make about 5 this was probably around $10 considering I used the rest for shop samples

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