Monday, January 22, 2007

Drop Stitch Scarf

In all honesty, I had no idea what this scarf was going to look like before I knit it. I was trusting the Yarn Harlot. And I have to say, the result is not too bad. It was a general prescription from one of her books. Knit the scarf about a third as long as you want it, then drop every other stitch as you're binding off. Pull it apart, and voila.

I had been hoarding a skein of worsted weight cashmere (mmmmm) that was a mere 87 yards. It wasn't long enough for an actual scarf, but this works out to be a decent length.

The cashmere was expensive, even at a half off sale. And despite being a pretty robin's egg blue, I would have picked a different color if I had a choice. I did not - it was the only skein of cashmere in the entire store. It was half off. There really was no choice here. Cashmere needs me. It calls to me, begging to be knit, or worn, or simply petted.

*Edit* Okay, aparently it's just the combination of Blogger and my laptop. Pictures abound.

In summary:
Yarn: Jade Sapphire cashmere (100% cashmere, worsted weight, ~87 yards)
Needles: Size 10
Pattern: The Yarn Harlot's drop stitch pattern
Time: A few hours
Total Cost: Around $20? When you lose the ball band with price tag, these things get harder to figure. But that's about what I would spend.

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