Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two to Tango

In general, I am not one for fads. My hair has not dramatically changed most of my life (variations include: very long and straight with bangs, very long and straight with no bangs, and long and straight with no bangs). I have owned a certain percentage of my clothing since middle school. I still like ska.
However, I am powerless in the face of new and shiny yarn.
Are these my colors? No. But my new LYS (since the old one closed and all) got in this Tango stuff, and all the cool kids were knitting it, and I gave in and bought two skeins myself.

Um. What was I thinking? I don't wear these colors. I don't wear frilly things. I just wanted to knit this scarf. You know why? It's the crazy gauzy kind of yarn that you actually knit into instead of pulling through. I had tried at Stitches Midwest last summer, and it was a little fun, but I thought it was too frivolous to actually buy.

Apologies for this picture which 1. is blurry and 2. looks like brains.

(And part of me kind of likes that it looks like brains. Maybe it has some redeeming qualities after all. )

I think it's about 7 stitches wide on a size 9. I knit the two halves independently, then grafted them together in the center so all the ruffles would fall in the same direction. I should have done what Jen did, and kept twisting it, but the inner brown is really even less of my color than the outer purple.
Oh well. It was still fun, and there are worse things I could do with $*. Having done it once, I think I'm set for life. What else could you do with this stuff?

In Summary:
Pattern: About 7 sts wide, knitting into the tape yarn
Yarn: Universal Yarn Tango, (50% superwash merino, 50% dralon (????), 23 yds) 2 skeins
Needles: Something good for worsted, can't quite remember
Time: At least a week. It was slow going once the novelty wore off.
Cost: I think about $12


Elizabeth said...

Ska will never die!

Kim said...

Maybe brains ARE blurry? Maybe OUR brains are addled, and the picture is actually clear?

Jen said...

Um, I hardly ever wear my scarf with the Tango but I just had to knit it too!

carol said...

Hey, my "old" brain says glad to see that picture of what "they" actually look like and your descriptions and of course the scarf in "living" color.

Keep em comin!

DK said...

Sometimes you just have to give in to peer pressure....

I still like ska, too.

For the record, though, I have seen brains in person and they are generally not blurry. If they are, you have a big problem.