Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fun Swaps

The kitten continues to have good taste in yarn, and I feel about the same way.
What's he's happily sleeping on is this:
Nearly 800 yards of beautiful handspun corriedale, from a swap with Vicki.
It's really lightweight, sport or smaller , so will likely become some kind of lace. I'll have to find a good pattern though.
The other thing that came with the swap is this:
Vicki's Tweets cat toy and pattern, available on her website.
Duncan approves, and I probably really need to sort out that tangle of wires under my desk before he does some damage.
Worfy is very pretty, but does not care.


Jordan said...

Ahh favorite.

DK said...

Ohhh, what a stately picture of Worf. He's a good kitty.

Love the Tweets. And the yarn. And the kitten. Aww.

Valerie said...

How about some chewy cat toys for Duncan, and maybe he will stop chewing on your knitting?

Jen said...

Oh how I love your cats.

Anonymous said...

Memories abound of our cats from some time ago.

Put away my tree skirt and still has some of Tweedy's hair on it.

Love the pics. So sweet.


Vicki said...

He's such a cutie sleeping on the handspun. Looks like he liked the tweet toy. < grin > Of course, I can't send a package without a little something for the kitties.