Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Obnoxiously Fuzzy Scarves

The stash has reached outrageous proportions. Someone asked me if I could fill a bathtub with it, as a measure of insanity. I could fill the tub with the amount of yarn I have hidden in the living room alone, let alone the main stash in my closet.

Now, I admit it. There were times in my life where I bought acrylic yarn. Maybe it was called for by a pattern, maybe it was on sale. But these things happen. And then these yarny bits hang around my apartment. They're not exactly begging to be knit, but they're also taking up valuable yarn space.

So, yes, these are garter stitch scarves on humongous needles made of acrylic yarn. I'm re-living my "just learned to knit" days. They're also fairly soft, machine washable, and fuzzy pastels, making them perfect for part of my sister's late-birthday/Christmas gift extravaganza.
The pink is an unidentified fuzzy acrylic mixed with Bernat Softee Bulky, leftover from a crochet project I did a while ago. The purple is two strands of another unidentified fuzzy acrylic mixed with two strands of Sinforia, which is a nice (but cheap yarn) that is 100% mercerized cotton, leftover from another crochet project. (It appears I have never blogged this project. It's a really cute little crochet shell from the Happy Hooker. I'll devote a post to things I've never blogged about later.) They were quick, fun, and saved my sanity when I was alternating between gigantic sweater and complicated lace. I make no apologies.

In summary:
Yarn: Unidentified acrylics, Bernat Softee Bulky (pink), Sinforia mercerized cotton (lavender, doubled)
Needles: Size 15. Yep.
Pattern: Big Ol' Garter Stitch
Time: Probably about 2 - 3 hours each. They are fairly long.
Cost: Since these are stash rescues/leftovers - nothing!

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