Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Monsters of the Midway

Now, those of you who know me even the slightest, know that I am a huge football fan. In particular, I am a fan of a certain team from a certain midwestern town that starts with "c", ends with an "o", and the middle is "hicag".

I certainly wouldn't want to violate any licensing laws, but I just happend to make some blue and orange hats with little ears on them, perhaps resembling the ears of a certain animal. And these hats are badass.

I made them last weekend while bumming around. The blue one is for me, and served as a prototype. It's a little on the small side, but fits more or less. It can certainly be added to the Sunday gear. It has a medium sized ribbed band with the knit stitches knit through the back loop. Someone recommended this to me once and it really makes the stiches pop. The orange one is for my best friend as part of her Christmas gift. It's got a wider band with normal ribbing. I knew she'd be jealous of mine, so I had to make her one. She has expressed enthusiasm in hats with ears before.

Also, did you notice I've now learned to use the self-timer function on my camera? Pretty clever.

In summary:
Yarn: Cascade 220 (100% wool) One skein of each color made both hats and there's easily enough left over for another. - $8.95 a skein.
Needles: Size 7, 12" circular and dpn, in the collection
Pattern: Flying by the seat of my pants (ears based on the Russian Winter hat with ears from Stitch and Bitch Nation)
Time: About 4 hours a hat
Cost: $17.90 makes at least two hats for adult women


abe-hap said...

is it the chicago cubs or bears - Ive heard of them here in OZ but I cant remember which one it is? btw - the beanies look very cute :)

Anonymous said...

Love the attitude pictures.

Goldendomer said...

Can I tell you how cute you look in those pictures?? Especially the one that you were trying to look thugish. I realize "cute" wasn't the look you were going for though. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Sarah said...

I am tough! And ferocious!

DancingFish said...

Those are AWESOME! I might try to make something like that for the Big Game!