Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's Good to be a Knitter

Sometimes, it pays to have everyone know you're a knitter. People start commissioning things. And when those things are quick and easy, everyone is happy.
A friend of mine wanted a nice, long scarf that he could wear with a dress coat. Originally he wanted tan with dark flecks. He would call it the cancer scarf. It sounded lovely. He even promised to care for a nice fiber properly (and how often do you really wash a scarf?).
I had in mind exactly the yarn I wanted, a beautiful tweedy alpaca blend. Unfortunately, it didn't come in tan. We opted for light grey with dark flecks. Still looks cancerous enough, right?
He asked for some texture, but nothing too busy, so I went with seed stitch. Yes, I made an entire scarf with seed stitch. For some reason, I don't mind seed stitch, but a couple of inches of ribbing would drive me insane. Yes, I know it's effectively the same thing. That's just the way I am.
Anyway, it's really long and I'm really happy with it. The yarn has lovely drape and the texture is just right. Worfy is clearly also thrilled.
In summary:
Yarn: Alpaca With a Twist's Highlander in "Sky Blue" (despite looking grey to me) - 2 skeins, $12.95 each
Needles: Size 10 (larger than recommended for the yarn, but it really works)
Pattern: Seed stitch for 6 feet.
Time: A few days as a travelling project
Total Cost: ~$26 plus tax

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did you take a picture of worfie's new scarf?