Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Books for Christmas

I received a little bit of money for Christmas, so naturally, the first thing I did with it is go to the yarn shop. Since I've been at my parents' for the holidays, I hit up Sheep's Clothing in nearby Valparaiso, IN. First off, the store has everything. Ever book, every needle, every yarn ever made, it is in this shop. Almost, anyway.
I found this book, Knit a Fantasy Story, which is just too cute for words. I had to have it. I think one of my friends in my knitting guild had the original edition, which was hard to find and rather expensive. Luckily, it's back in print. You can knit everything from a farm to a castle, to an enchanted forest, complete with trees with faces, gnomes and fairies. It uses itty bitty needles for the most part, and there's a lot of knitting that goes on, but it's too cute. Eventually I'm going to have to knit this all, especially if I spawn at some point. What child doesn't need a knitted play set? (Answer: any child that is not mine. Not from me, anyway.)
Also, I thought I'd browse Victorian Lace Today, since I had heard so much about it. Well, I was sold instantly. The photos alone make it all worthwhile. They are gorgeous, delicate lace shawls and scarves in beautiful Victorian homes and gardens all over England. The total number of patterns (when you think about all the combinations you can do with the lace and borders they give you) is astronomical. And most of the charts aren't obnoxiously large, a complaint I have with much lace. (It's not that I can't read charts, I'm just too lazy. Seriously, that's way too much to keep track of.)
With those books and a few skeins of Cascade 220 for future hat projects, I also managed to come in just under the day's budget, with enough left over for a cup of coffee.
As far as actual Christmas gifts go, I did get a nifty iPod dock, a dragon shaped water mister, the annual chocolate cherries, and a Best Buy gift card, among other things. Knitting wise, there was a cool circular needle holder (in pink) from my parents (although I did the actual buying part). It's really useful. How was I ever so disorganized? Also, I may switch entirely to circular needles. I know most knitters already have, but there's something sweet and rustic about the old classics. Sweet, rustic, and impractical.
And the owners of the LYS knew I wanted DomiKNITrix, so that, with a frying pan (I guess they think I should cook more), was my Christmas / thank you for filling in last minute gift from them. Even though I know my basics (and a little more), it was still entertaining to read through. I really should be less sloppy when it comes to my knitting and finishing. There are a couple of patterns I'm pretty sure I'll make (The Slink, a slinky(!) tank top, The City Coat, a bias knit coat), I'm desperately waiting for the last pattern in the book to come out. Somehow, the author managed to get the book published with a promise to post the pattern on her website. Of course that was the first thing I wanted to make, and it's not out yet. Need to knit this sweater! Need to!
In the meantime, just working on a kid's hat for the shop (of actual bear bear form), and a stash project - a garter stitch intarsia vest from the German book. And all those other UFO's that I should probably deal with at some point.

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Sarah, what time were you at Sheep's Clothing on Wednesday? Chris, Mary and I were there around noon! Sorry we missed you. Check out my blog at