Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No news is no news

Not too much on the knitting front. I made a pair of baby booties with the leftover Blizzard, but they don't have buttons yet, so no picture for you. I'm finishing some embroidering on a little crochet baby sweater, then it needs buttons too. I don't actually have children, or expect to have any time soon, but baby items are just so quick to make. Then I like what I make and can't bear to part with it (which doesn't actually bode well for my future children). Well, I'm storing it all up in a hope chest for use someday. But that someday is going to be a long time from now.

Worfy was a good guard cat yesterday. There was a little brown and black cat outside my window. I thought about trying to go save the cat, but Worfy got all fluffed up and scared it away. I don't really get how that works. I think it's incredibly cute when cats fluff up, and being cute doesn't seem like a particularly good defense mechanism. One of my friends cats fluffs up when she's happy, which is ridiculously cute and makes much more sense to me. Maybe it works against humans. We start melting into a little pile of "awww, kitty" because we can't handle that much concentrated cuteness. But aparently it's scary in cat terms, because the other cat really did back off. I think Worf was rather proud of himself.

Watch the Olymipcs! All of you!
(And especially watch Joey Cheek, because I'm developing a crush on him. )

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