Sunday, February 19, 2006

Guild Day

Man, I'm lazy. Last Sunday was our Guild meeting at Sit 'n Knit. I finished up a couple of things just in time for the meeting.
Although I didn't technically enter Madalyn's UFOlympics, I did take this Olympic opportunity to finish one up. This Tank Girl tank (from Stitch 'n Bitch) in bright blue Goa was languishing at my boyfriend's house for quite some time. It's over 30" of p2k1 ribbing, which makes me really not want to rib anything again for quite a long time. Then, like anything else annoying, I'm going to forget why I hate ribbing so much, pick another entirely ribbed project, and start this process again, possibly with more cursing. That's me looking thrilled in it. My mom is going to wind up getting it, since I don't think I'll actually wear it. It's just one of those things. (Note to self: next time wear makeup before posing for photos.)
I also finished up all the knitting and sewing for the felted bag. I took it home with me to do laundry, which is fine, because my mom is getting anyway. It's good to be my mom.
In guild news, Elizabeth's handspun shawl is even prettier in person, and Kristine finished her black shrug and better post a picture. Other people were knitting socks successfully and making me very jealous, and one woman knits sweaters faster than most people make scarves. One new woman had an incredible intarsia jacket, and while large Chinese fish are not really my style, it was very impressive nonetheless.
I spent approximately the GDP of Malaysia (okay, maybe not quite $118.3 billion, but close) on 3 items. First are these incredible hand-carved horn needles. I don't have a project in mind, but they were too pretty to pass up. I hear the carving doesn't snag, but we'll see. I'm a huge fan of the wide ribbon between the needles instead of the thin wire that always manages to shrink my stitches. They also came with a little hemp carrying case.
I finally got my hands on another skein of the recylcled sari silk yarn, which is just perfect for a modular scarf pattern I had picked up. I waited until I had finished (the first part of) my homework before I started casting on, but it was really, really hard.
And rounding things off was this month's issue of knit.1 magazine, which has a fantastic knitting translator for many languages, and is largely pirate themed. I appreciate that in a magazine. Yargh.

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