Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lacy Socks

Look! It's Peggy's Strands of Heaven Sock Club time! And here's my new sock (scroll down a little). These were the original prototype of my 2 - 1 lace sock (I'll explain why it's called that in a minute).

It actualy comes with some of Jen's fantastic hand-dyed yarn, in a special color called "Sweet Dreams". It also comes in this cute little silk project bag from Della Q. There are purple and teal ones available.

This photo may be blurry, but it shows the colors a little more true to life. I may break down and make another pair in the official colorway. Or just hoard my awesome kit. I'm not sure yet.

However, let me introduce you to my sock.
We begin with a lovely K2, P1 (2 - 1) ribbing that flows remarkably into the ribbed lace pattern (based on a 2 - 1 rib).

The lace pattern then also flows directly into the heel flap. As far as I know, I invented that heel stitch, which I shall call the 2 -1 heel stitch, because I can. I'm sure someone else has come up with it before, but I was rather proud of myself for working out how I wanted the stitches to look and then coming up with it. It's moments like this that occasionaly make me feel like a designer.

Here's a lovely closeup of the gusset. The colors are pretty true to life in this one.

I'm just proud of myself in general here. So if you want, you could go visit Peggy's Strands of Heaven and pick up a kit. I'm just saying. I don't actually get a cut from that or anything, I just want people to knit my sock. You can see more pics of the official version on their website too.
In Summary:
Pattern: Mine! 2 -1 Lace Sock
Yarn: My version: Cherry Tree Hill potluck (100% superwash merino, 400ish yds, 1 skein)
Official version: Knitting Like Crazy yarn by Jen in "Sweet Dreams," exclusive to the shop
Needles: Size US 1 (2.25 mm), although you may need 0's for Jen's yarn
Time: A few days per sock, although it did take forever to knit the second one
Cost: About $20 for my yarn, I think the kit is about the same, which is a better deal, because it comes with yarn, pattern, and cute little project bag.
Incidentally, the naughty little kitty's expensive tastes extend to silk. I kept finding this little project bag everywhere until I finally put it out of reach.

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Amanda said...

SARAH! That's gorgeous. I might have to call and order the kit as soon as my self-imposed yarn buying hiatus is over. It's gorgeous!

P.S. I miss you!