Tuesday, March 18, 2008

February Socks

I'm so far behind on the blogging. These were my February Sock Club socks, which I actually finished in February, and am just now showing you.

The yarn is great to work with, it's the hand dyed Pagewood Farms merino/bamboo blend. It's got a great feel. The pattern is nice and simple, just a snappy little cable going up either side of the cuff. The only trouble? The color is Pepto Bismal Pink. And I'm allergic to Pepto Bismal, so I've seen it ways that no one wants to hear about.

Of course, they're nice hand knit socks, so that's not really going to stop me from wearing them. I just can't say they're the best color in the world. If I wear it with a darker pink, maybe it will pick up some of the variation in it. Or I could just wear it, be comfy and not look it, which is what I have done so far.

Meh. It does make me want to branch out into some of the old fashioned clocked socks (ravelry link) like in Folk Socks. It wasn't too fiddly for a cable after all.

In Summary:

Yarn: Pagewood Farms (superwash merino/ bamboo), 420 yards, 1 skein

Pattern: Come Twist with Me, February Sock club pattern

Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm) dpn

Time: A week's worth of meetings. I love Collaboration Week.

Cost: About $20 for the kit


Amanda said...

Those are really cute. I like the simplicity of the pattern. It isn't "too much" or anything.

I agree with you about the color, but only because I just can't picture you wearing that shade of pink at all. Not all pinks.. just that one in particular.

Shannon said...

I too, am allergic to Pepto! Just looking at the color makes me feel a bit twitchy!

I like the socks, though...

DK said...

Oooh, I REALLY like that pattern! Never been a fan of Pepto, though...

Anonymous said...

AW RIGHT! ! ! AW RIGHT! ! ! !

Enough already------February is past----March didn't even get a "rip-it rip-it"---and now it's April. hehehehe

How are the kitties? Waiting for Spring like the rest of us?