Friday, September 21, 2007

The Tooth Fairy So Owes Me (Fugly Friday)

I mean, I know I didn't save them and put them under my pillow or anything, but getting those wisdom teeth out yesterday was way worse than losing baby teeth. Tooth Fairy, we need to have a talk.
Despite my being a baby, it didn't go that badly. I had three total, only two needed out, one was impacted. I can't even feel the one that wasn't impacted at this point, but the lower one is a serious pain. Also, my cheeks are still puffy like a chipmunk. Other than the localized pain, I'm feeing just fine.
I thought I would do something tooth - related in honor of my dearly departed, but despite the prevalance of knitted body parts out there, it was surprisingly hard to find.
I found this, but it's actually pretty cute.
The best truly fugly tooth-related thing I could find was the Baby's First Teratoma, which includes teeth, but I enjoy it for the irony that is clearly intended.
So if you have something better, let me know. Otherwise I'm going to go back to being drugged up on the couch.


carol said...

Aw! ! ! ! Fugly Toothy is too cute to be ugly. How sweet.

Hope you feel better


Lorna said...

Glad you're feeling somewhat better - Take your drugs before the pain gets to be a "pain" -

Give Worfy a hug and tell your Mom "hello"!

(And I did send you a few "fugly" items earlier this week)

Carrie Penny said...

Teeth w/ faces I think may end up being my clowns. I had some drugs in my at the dentist when I was getting my 4 bottom babys pulled and the smiling teeth on the celing turned into little demon teeth. I will vote Fugly for the smiling tooth or at least terrifying.

meg said...

I just had to look up "teratoma" in the dictionary and - eeew! But I'll forgive you b/c you're clearly in pain and insensible. Remember, lots and lots of movies, and Boston Market has lots of squishy food you can eat. I recommend the sweet potatoes.

Jen said...

A knitted teratoma. Are you freaking kidding me? :)

Hope your mouth is feeling better soon! :)

Paige said...

oh dear, I may have nightmaers from the teratoma. Thanks

Kim said...

Nothing is better than being drugged up on the couch. Stay where you are.

Valerie said...

Happy to see that you are feeling better..Let the fine pain pills manage the pain. Maybe a little kitty (in addition to Worfy and your mom, of course) will make you feel even better.

DK said...

What could be better than Baby's First Teratoma?

Aww, I kind of like the Fugly Tooth, too....and, dude, the tooth fairy TOTALLY owes you for those wisdom teeth! Big time!

Vicki said...

Ouch! Oral surgery is no fun. Hope you're feeling better soon. Hugs, Vicki

Romi said...

I love the tooth! Hee. Hope you heal quickly!!!

tooth fairy said...

I left the money under your pillow.
Didn't you find it?