Sunday, September 30, 2007

Come on baby, light my fire

For various reasons, I've been bad about posting lately, but I'm finally getting around to it. The bag I'm calling my Firey Felted Tote was finished a few weeks ago, after a bout of felting with Lorna's Robo-Washer.

This was with some cool thick-and-thin wool/cashmere blend yarn I picked up at Sheep's Clothing on sale. I would have been hesitant to felt a thick and thin, or something with 10% cashmere, but they had a felted sample at the shop, and it was gorgeous. I bought about 10 skeins of this, and decided to make whatever bag would come out of it. I knit a garter stitch rectangle for the bottom, then picked up stitches all around it and knit in the round till I ran out of yarn. The strap is one of those double I-cord things that come on so many felted bags. I couldn't decided how I wanted to attach it, but I think poking it through and tying a knot worked out pretty well. I wanted it to stay securetly shut, but I didn't want to fold in the edges and lose a lot of volume that way. Unfortunatley, I think this yarn has been discontinued by the manufacturor, or I would highly recommend a bag out of this for yourself. It's still super soft when felted.
In summary:
Pattern: Made it up as I went along
Yarn: Queensland Collection Big Wave (90% wool, 10% cashmere), thick and thin, 55 yds, 10 skeins
Needles: I've forgotten already, but fairly large
Time: Maybe two weeks of light work
Cost: About $80, even on sale. But I enjoyed knitting it, and I enjoy using it to tote around the knitting, so it's worth it.


KSD said...

Crazy in love with felted bags; this is a nice one!

Carol said...

So glad to see you have returned to the "land of the living"

Fiery tote is georgeous. Just for this month, how about gentle tissue paper to shape out as a pumpkin to rival out Paige's Hannibal! ! ! ! ! Hehe

Lorna's Mom

DK said...

That looks awesome!!!!