Friday, July 28, 2006


I didn't think I was the type to knit food, I really didn't. But then I saw these knitted cupcakes in One Skein, and they were too cute to pass up. I'm mildly impressed with the people that seem to be able to turn any shape into a knitted item (see Knitorama) but it didn't really seem like my thing. But behold the cuteness. Don't look directly at it, it may be so cute it burns the retina. From left to right, we have a plain cupcake with white icing and blue (button) sprinkles, German chocolate, marble with white icing, and plain with lemon icing. I think there's something slightly wrong in the actual pattern though. When I first made them, the bodies of the cupcakes were way too tall. All but the German chocolate here were doubled over before I attached the tops. And the tops could be bigger in proportion to the base. I even used larger needles than recommended. Perhaps I just feel that the tops of cupcakes should be overstuffed, as they are clearly the best part. Either way. Great way to use up scrap yarn, and would make an adorable part of a birthday gift.

Pattern: Knitted cupcakes from One Skein
Yarn: Various scraps
Needles: Size 5 and 9 (though I used 11) dpn
Time: About an hour or two per cupcake

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