Friday, April 10, 2009

Look, Cats!

I'm writing up a post or two, but here are some cats to keep you company.
Here's Duncan looking pretty suspicious.

I would so cast him as a cat villain in a Disney cartoon.

Here's Worfy looking super pretty with his green eyes.

That's a gianormous crochet blanket I'm working on. It pretty much fits my queen bed and I'm still going on it. I'm using hobby store cotton, and I don't want to think about how much I've spent on it.

Here's Duncan sitting with his tail in a weird position.

Seriously, he just sat there like that for a couple of minutes. Didn't that hurt? Here's a closeup.

It's a cute stripey tail.

Here's Worfy regally surveying his kingdom.

And regally surveying his subjects (hint: that's me).

Yeah, I was home sick for a few days. When you're high on DayQuil, taking pictures of your cats is awesome.

1 comment:

Carrie Penny said...

I do the same thing all the time, only I'm not high on Day or Niquil...