Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look, Cats! The All-Worfy Edition

Yeah, I have been really slacking about posting. And knititng. And, well, pretty much everything. So I'll continue to distract you by posting random pictures of my cats. Here are some collected shots of Worfy.

He's looking very pretty perched atop my Hello Kitty pillow.

It's kind of all Asian themed. The dresser is Asian style, and the fan is from Ron of Japan, pretty much the coolest teppan-yeki place in downtown Chicago.

Here he is guarding my jacket, and my clapotis.

And of course, I'm browsing ravelry in the background.

He's just kind of posing here.

And looking very concerned here.

Perhaps he's concerned about the amount of time I spend on ravelry.

But this. This might be my favorite picture of him, ever.

So. Freaking. Cute. Excuse me while I go snorgle him some more.

1 comment:

Carrie Penny said...

I am obsessed with my cats, don't worry, I have spent their whole lives with us taking pictures of them in the most amusing poses I can... Not to mention I have put a hand knit cat sweater on Eddie and made him wear if for a day...