Sunday, November 02, 2008


So, I was Sarah Palin for Halloween. Twice. Because really, I've never looked like anyone famous before. I think I do a pretty good job though.
Elect this!
2nd ammendment, bitches
Sarah Palin shoots Uncle Sam
And then, I was a beer wench. Because two nights of being Sarah Palin is more than anyone should be Sarah Palin. Especially Sarah Palin.
Beer wench
More silliness on flickr.


DK said...

He he. You do a pretty darn good Palin. Also wench.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah! ! ! nice to see YOU

hehehe, looking good,

Beer Wench too! ! ! !

But better to hear from the "real Sarah". Hope all is fine with and the kitty kats----and knitting like krazy! ! !

Enjoy Carol

Carrie Penny said...

LOL! The is a group of older guys that hang out at my local coffee house. When I go up there to knit they keep giving me a hard time b/c my new glasses are "Sarah Palin" glasses. Friday they kept telling me with my hair up and the glasses on I should keep it for Halloween

I think you looked better than me! I also love the wench!

madalyn said...

Ha! Great costumes! I love it. :)

MUDNYC said...

You look great in both guises, but I'd rather hang out with a beer wench than Sarah Palin!

Tracey said...

Loved both your costumes!