Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good enough to steal

So, I was commissioned to knit a beautiful shawl. I was incredibly happy with it.

This is what it looks like on the front. Ignore the cranky look on my face. Look at the pretty shawl.

The lady wanted her daughter to wear it for her wedding, but couldn't finish it in time herself, so she commissioned me to do it. This was in October. The daughter wore it in her wedding (I'm so proud!) and absolutely loved it. She took it on her honeymoon to Paris, and didn't even want to pack it in her bag to wrinkle it. On the ride in from the airport on the train, both she and her husband fell asleep, and someone stole it off her lap. Even the thieves in Paris are fashionable, it seems. She was devastated, and called her mom crying as soon as she got there.
So, the mom contacted me again - she wanted to surprise her with the shawl for Christmas. I had already decided that the first time I did this shawl would be the last thing I took before Christmas, but after hearing the sad story, I couldn't help it. I made the exact same shawl over again for her, and got it to her in time for Christmas. So, I didn't do any Christmas knitting on my own, although I did do some cool stuff for some shirts for my dad.

In Summary:
Pattern: Gossamer
Yarn: Kid Silk Haze (75% mohair, 25% silk) 225 yards - 3 skeins. The pattern called for 4, but it was done in 3 with plenty to spare.
Time: About 30 hours
Needle: Size US 4


Lorna said...

Aw, how awful that someone stole it.. But, how sweet that you jumped in and made another.

Anonymous said...

Awful isn't a strong enough word for that bad deed.

Wonderful isn't a strong enough word to describe you and your GOOD DEED.

Enjoy Carol

DK said...

Ohhh, I love it! Gorgeous. Such a shame that someone stole it, but I bet she cried when she got the new one on Christmas - that's cool.

(PS - my verification word is "yawnculu". I don't know what that would mean if it really were a word, but I think it's funny)