Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things I haven't blogged about

This was a bag that Lorna talked me into doing this Bar Harbor Shell Bag for a class for the LYS. It's very pretty, don't you think? Well you better think so, cause that was approximately 84 shells of switching back and forth every 10 or so stitches with lots of color changes.

Not that I'm annoyed by that fact at all. No seriously, I'm glad it was for a class, because otherwise I would have never finished the thing. Some people had no trouble with them, but I found it incredibly fiddly. It's really beautiful though, especially the bottom.

Mine is felted, which is a little scary to do when you've done this much work. It's nice unfelted too, but then you'd have to line it, and I'm lazy. As soon as it came back from the shop (where it was a sample), it immediately became a project bag.

Also, I am once again extremely predictable with my color choices, but this one was kind of intentional. The best advice I've ever gotten for how to combine colors (barring some crazy color theory) is to take a skein of varigated yarn that you like, and pull out the individual colors from that. This is from a skein of sock yan that will eventually become something chevron-like (no, not jaywalkers).

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