Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adventures in Cat Wrangling

One my favorite timewasting websites is Cute Overload, which, in addition to compiling the cutest pictures ever and making me fall in love with Fennec foxes, also lists the Rules of Cuteness.
Rule 35 of Cuteness is that if you're caught doing something bad, it's cute.

This little one knows how to cause a lot of trouble.

Worfy had this cat tower for months before Duncan came along, and sat on it very prettily. Duncan likes to attack it. He would chase his tail around the base of the pole until the whole thing was shaking. Eventually, the bit at the top no longer connected well to the ceiling. I wedged a wooden block in there to keep it stable. That lasted about a week. Duncan soon figured out that if he hit the pole at just the right speed and angle, he could make the block go flying across the room. He found that incredibly amusing. Recently, he discovered that he could in fact knock the entire tower down. It pretty much hasn't been upright for 5 mins since. I've basically given up. I tried to put it up the other day with some cloth wedged between the pole and the ceiling, but Duncan attacked it immediately. Then he likes to surf down the pole as it falls, as seen here. I don't know about this cat, I really don't.
Luckily for him I cannot resist this speckled belly

or this little face.

He is so lucky he's that cute. So lucky.


DK said...

They are darn lucky they're cute, aren't they??

Love that belly.

Anonymous said...

The "more cat pics and stories" is well worth the wait.

enjoyed them and

you enjoy too Carol

Heather said...

CUTENESS! The Doughnut is quite the "demon" cat! He is most definely an Imp! He's just going thru his rebellious/hellion teenage phase...he should grow out of it....not sure when though....poor you....and poor Worfy! ;o)