Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lyra's hat

If you have not seen the Golden Compass, do. You may not like the story line, (although there are fighting, talking, armored polar bears, and how could you not like that?) but you will love the knitting.
The main character, a plucky young girl named Lyra, wears this hat on a trip to the North.

There are a lot of things I wanted to make from the movie, but this was the cutest, and (look at the size of the yarn) the easiest. It's very much a bonnet style, and wraps around the entire head. I have lived in the Midwest my entire life, and I know cold, and yet I have never worn a hat this warm. Earflaps have nothing on this. The bonnet seriously needs to make a comeback, and I, for one, am doing my part.

While I admit, I might get a few looks when I wear this, I'm fully prepared for an artic expedition now. This is what it looks like flat (and with a polar bear).

It's this kit from a shop in Grand Rapids, which I ordered over the phone. It's $22 (plus shipping), and I think it was worth it. While the pattern isn't anything special (it's a rectangle with a three-needle bind off up the back, short row shaping optional, and Lion Brand has a free version anyway) it's the yarn that really does it for me. I wanted to make the exact hat from the movie, and I knew I wouldn't be able to mix up those yarns myself, at least not for under $22. It's two skeins of a bulky wool in cream, one strand of bulky wool in the mottled light-brown-going-into-purple, and one thin cream mohair for the halo, all wound up together for you and ready to knit.

And on size 19 needles, let me tell you, this thing goes in under an hour. I mean, three strands of bulky together. Talk about instant gratification. You may feel like you're knitting with tree trunks, but it's not for long.
But most importantly, Duncan approves.

Aww, we match.
In Summary:
Pattern: Lyra's Hat from this kit, or make a big rectangle with a three needle bind-off
Yarn: From same kit, super-super-bulky wool and mohair blend
Needles: Size 19 (15.0 mm)
Time: Less than an hour
Cost: $22 + $5 shipping (worth it for the yarn, imo)


DK said...

Love it. I, too, am all for the bonnet making a comeback.

Shirley said...

That is a fab hat - I have got to make me one of those :0)

Anonymous said...

So good to read, write, and see both you and Duncan with a BB alias Beautiful bonnet.

Missed your news.


DancingFish said...

That is a great hat.

Jen said...

I love that hat. I think I am going to need one.