Monday, May 01, 2006

New Thoughts

Yes, I know you want shiny, pretty pictures of knitted objects, but I'm going to disappoint you once again. The only thing I've (mostly) finished is a crochet shawl for Mother's Day, and even it still needs fringe. I've been working on unimportant things, like final exams.
However, something occured to me today, and I think it might need mentioning. (I'm probably wrong, but am going to mention it anyway.) In the Yarn Harlot's first book, she talks about all the tape measures she has lost over the years and estimates the number of tape measures that much be hiding in each room of her house. I totally understand, and except for being younger, have probably lost nearly as many and still have no idea where they're hiding. They're probably in the same place that socks in the laundry go. However, what disturbs me more is the number of little yarn scissors that I've lost over the years. If, for instance, you lost a knitting item in the couch, wouldn't you much rather it be a tape measure than a tiny pair of absurdly sharp scissors? Sitting on a tape measure would cause a lot less injury to the person and the tape measure.
Think about that the next time you sit down. I've probably lost something at your house too.

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e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Sarah i haven't been reading blogs lately but it looks like you had fun in Greencastle. If your class is finished on Weds next Weds. is the Bella Vita Weds.