Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Evil Stores

So I moved this weekend. That's not the exciting part of the this post. I was back in South Bend finishing up some business, and I happened to pass by Erica's. Despite being mostly a quilting store, they have a very nice little yarn section in the back. I was going to resist going in there one last time, I really was. Then they had a sign out front that said everything you could fit in their bag was 20% off. Everything. 20% off everything.
It's evil, I tell you. And it's going on tomorrow still if you want to get sucked down too.
So I picked up Modular Knits, which I'd been coveting for a while, and a nice pair of size 8 rosewood needles. You wouldn't think rosewood needles could be so nice. Especially not for the price you normally pay for them. But at 20% off, who could resist just one little pair?
In essence, this is really a victory. I made it out with a book I'd been planning to buy eventually and one pair of needles. Believe me, I wanted to fill that bag full of yarn. They have Manos del Uruguay, Noro, some basic cottons and wools, some interesting novetly yarns, etc. All of these could have been mine for 20% off. But moving really puts the size of your yarn stash in perspective. Three enormous boxes is probably enough. For now.

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