Thursday, October 29, 2009

I can't show you

I finished a Christmas gift. But I can't show you, because you know, it's a Christmas gift. I'm trying really, really hard not to give it to the recipient already, but I think I'm going to make it.

But be proud. It's not even November.

Of course, that's not counting the partially done sweater for my mom that she already knows about. I've got a ways to go on that. It's something though.

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ardysann said...

elessrHi' I was looking for string theory blogs but yours is much more sympatico. This is at least my 3rd visit. Your cat photos are among the best I've seen. I have 3 cats, 3 dogs and three live-in teenagers (2 grandtwins and a friend of theirs) and I can't imagine having time to knit! But when I was in college knitting argyle socks was the craze. I made about 3 pair with matching scarves. Later in life when I had something really difficult to do I'd tell myself "If you can knit argyle socks you can do just about anything." If you can knit argyle sweaters you can even do string theory! I write funny limericks about science and other things. My preferred version of the megaverse is this. "Fractils possibly hold the key as to how the megaverse might be - A hugely huge big galaxy with a quazar-like big bang in the middle constatly spewing fresh plasmatized cheer into an infinite bathtub of beer. That would be a cool end to the riddle!" Of course there are a gillion black holes doing that already. Great volumes of expanded stuff, not nothing, shoots out the poles of black holes and that probably helps the universe, in our area anyway, expand.(Maybe that's where Dark Enery come from) As we get nearer "The Great Attractor" our area of the universe may contract. At least in this universe. Good knitting with the sweater and Merry Hollydays.