Thursday, September 03, 2009

Spinning with Fire

Okay, this is not going to be particularly thorough. But it is going to be something. I spun this:

and I actually remembered to take a picture of it first.

It's a 80/20 wool/silk blend I got at Stitches last year.
Here it is on the wheel.

And here it is drying.

I totally have not estimated the yardage on it, but it's a decent amount.

I completely and utterly do not know what to do with it. Suggestions? I already have a ton of hats and scarves, and it's not much yardage. I haven't done anything with anything I've handspun (other than give some to a friend). I get bored of spinning easily so I don't want to commit to an epic amount. And yet I don't need any more small finished products. I'm going to have to get good enough to spin sock yarn.


La Petite Tricoteuse said...

You could knit a cutesy cylindrical pillow for your gossip chair. A couple of gold tassels and I say you are set.

Jen said...

How about some mittens?

I also have gotten my spinning to about a sport weight, and I have just started knitting socks with that. Makes for some warm quickly knitted socks!

Vicki said...

How much yardage do you have? If it's 285 yards or less, check out my bloglist for 653 free knitting patterns by yardage and yarn weight.