Friday, September 12, 2008

Weaving Pictures

Okay, here's some pics of the woven mat thingie.

The warp (the vertical part on the loom) is Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in colors that match my mom's kitchen - it goes from golden, to yellow, to white. That's where all the variation comes from.

The weft (the horizontal part on the loom that you weave back and forth with the shuttle) is Bernat Cotton Tots (100% cotton).
Here's a closeup.

Except for that one glaring mistake at the bottom, I think it looks really good.

The trouble with weaving is that it takes up a lot more yarn that knitting. In addition to what you use to actually make the finish piece, there's a lot of "loom waste" from tying it in place.
Other than not using expensive yarn for the warp, I'm not really sure what to do about that.


Anonymous said...

It really looks nice. Darn, lotsa yarn-----not good.

Dumb Idea! Could you use left over balls or skeins of yarn that would blend and/or coordinate with each other?

would make good use of all THAT STUFF in a box.

Enjoy Carol

DK said...

Pwetty. I approve.

madalyn said...

It looks great! I like the yellow/gold colors.

Elizabeth said...

I think you mean "a graduate student in physics WHO knits;" otherwise it sounds like it's the physics that are doing the knitting.

Sarah said...

The physics has been in charge of everything for quite some time now.