Monday, July 07, 2008

Who's the Boss?

It's Tony Danza, La Petite Tricoteuse's ferret! He came to visit while she was out of town for the weekend. Ferrets are a lot cuter and smarter than I thought. (They still smell, but it's not that bad, especially if you keep the cage clean.)

My cats weren't too sure what to think of him. Worfy thought it was like a new TV, brining the wildlife channel indoors. He was content to sit and watch, and I think he found him amusing.

Duncan, who is not quite as smart, was a little afraid of him. I let them all loose in the bathroom to play, and Worfy hopped up on the sink right away, since the ferret can't climb. Duncan didn't figure that out, and Tony chased him back and forth. I think it was good for Duncan, as he can be a bit of a terror sometimes.

Overall, we had fun this weekend, even if Tony did try to eat his cage a lot. I think he looks like a little ermine.


Anonymous said...

You are-----I think! ! !

Nice to look at Animal Planet via computer! ! ! !

A bathroom romp is just as good as a "romp" in the park.

Enjoy Carol

Carrie Penny said...

Ferrets, cute, but too stinky! I would love to see what our cat would do with a ferret around though. I think he would play but he may also maule it. I just found one of his little toys shredded in the living room this morning.