Sunday, November 25, 2007

Really cute things to be thankful for

Okay, knitting soon, I promise. I just took a bunch of pictures, and I have some exciting news coming up.
But I'm not going to show you any of that.
Instead, Kittens! And puppies!
Remember how Lorna helped with the rescue of that hording situation? Well, she fostered an adorable little Corgi named Marigold. Sadly, my parents had a Corgi who died a few weeks ago, and I knew little Marigold would be perfect for them. So we decided I would bring her home for their Christmas gift, and wrapped her all up.

She's not really thrilled about it, but it's still cute.

Seriously cute.
She's already got my parents well trained, and she gets along just fine with with their three cats, and their other dog, Bullwinkle. See?

And since Heather asked, Duncan was also being incredibly cute this weekend. Here's a sampling, but there's more on my flickr site (ID: theoriesofstring).
Here he is playing with my Webkinz kitty, who is just about his size.

He's very vicious when he attacks. I'm so glad he attacks the substitute kitten now instead of my hand.
The other cats were fascinated, and for a while stood around like creepy statues watching him.

That's George (no tail) and Fred (white spot) hanging out in my room watching the kitten. George and Duncan became really good friends after a few days, and they've been playing together a lot.
The little one liked to sleep on a leopard print pillow in my room, but this is as close as I could get to a picture. He looks really cute on it though, and really blends in.

But it wasn't all play. He put in some work on the laptop.

And he did some organizing in the home office.

He says, "Hey, we're putting covers on those TPS reports now."

Worfy, on the other hand, found the heating vent immediately and stretched out his entire belly to it. Sadly, I did not get a picture of that, but here he is being cute in some knitting. More about the knitting later.

All in all, it was a very exciting Thanksgiving weekend.


Amanda said...

You are right - you have a lot of cuteness to be thankful for. Those pics are adorable.

I'm coming to Chicago on Thursday for an interview on Friday. Let's hang out.

Heather said...

Ahhhh cuteness!!!!!! Duncan is a little imp! Thanks for the pics! I'm so happy for Marigold! What a perfect happy ending for her and that's my kind of Christmas present!

Lorna said...

I am so happy to see Miss Mare doing so well and settling right in! I think your folks will be the most perfect parents for her! Thanks for the update and pics!

Of course, I expect to see LOTS and LOTS of future Mare pictures!

Lorna said...

Sarah, Peggy's is having an "open house" Friday night - with all sorts of goodies (including cocktails) -

I know you guys would rather go "out" then to hang with us old folk! LOL!!!!!

carol said...

Marigold is charming, cute, and lovable. I was "priviledged" to be a brief part of her life when we visited Lorna. What a wonderful ending to a sad sad beginning for a "sweetie pie".

Enjoy Lorna's Mom

carol said...

OHG What a "stately" pair in Marigold and Bullwinkle.

They look soooooo good and completely at ease. Great.

And the cats. Hmmmm. Been "cat sitting" for two neighbors and got my cat fix in this month. They are cute.

And then the Bears-----you can read your Chicago papers----but WOW WOW

Lorna's Mom----again

Paige said...

Marigold looks like she is fitting in well

Knitman said...

Corgi's have such nice faces and I adore cats and miss being able to keep them. I love that tabby kitten-it looks pedigree. Is it?

Sarah said...

No, my baby was found in a mud puddle. I'll be sure to tell him you said so, though!

DK said...

AWWWWWWW, she's so cute! Puppy!!!! Puppy in a hat! Awwwwww.......

Also Duncan, with the cute. And Worfy. And George and Fred (whose names love, btw. If only they were ginger cats, it'd be spot-on!).

DK said...

And Bullwinkle. He's a cutie, too. Such a stately old gentleman.