Friday, November 17, 2006

20 Questions

1. Is it a reasonable goal to plan to finish my Ph.D. in physics, then devote the rest of my life to knitting?

2. At what point do you need to seriously examine and attempt to reduce your yarn stash?

3. Is it ever okay to get rid of yarn? Even Red Heart acrylic? What do you do with it?

4. When do you give up on a UFO?

5. When did this go from "hobby" to "obsession"?

6. Will I always be this fanatical about knitting?

7. What does my cat dream about?

8. How can I justify that really cute, $40 circular needle organizer at the LYS?

9. Will I ever realistically gauge how much time/money I will spend on a given project?

10. What is my deal with socks?

11. Is it okay to not want to fix my deal with socks?

12. Is it possible to completely finish a project without daydreaming about the next one?

13. Do the non-knitters know?

14. Is everyone a knitter at heart, they just haven't learned yet? Or are there fibers wound directly into a knitter's DNA?

15. What made me think a 26 color intarsia blanket was a great idea?

16. Will I eventually have every needle in every length? Or will I still find a way to buy more needles?

17. Is a switch to entirely circular needles inevitable?

18. Why am I always hungry?

19. Will I ever be one of those people who casually design their own complicated sweater patterns?

20. Should I be more of a perfectionist?


JayJay said...

Hello! I found you through academics knit. I just wanted to comment that acrylic yarn makes good baby afgans (yes, even Red Heart). If you crochet, the Seija blanket in The Happy Hooker is fast and easy.

ButterflyLane said...

Course, if you really can't stand the thought of using red heart (ewww, just typing that made my fingers twitch) donate it to a local elementary school. My kids' art teacher was thrilled to get several bags of assorted acrylics (my mil bought bunches for me at a yard sale), and I was equally thrilled to get rid of the stuff.
Oh, and I found you through academics knit.