Monday, March 20, 2006

Have you ever noticed....

Have you ever noticed that when you leave the house without knitting (or something), you always regret it? Today, I thought, oh, I'll be busy, I won't bother carrying anything with me. Then I had to wait for half an hour. I should just know better, and keep knitting on me at all times.
Several relatively exciting things have happened in my little knitting world, although none of them actually involve finishing a project (except for a few charity hats), but I have a couple of "almosts". I'm nearly done with the baby sweater I started ages ago. The child it was originally intended for has probably totally outgrown it by now. But it's almost done.
Secondly, the happy guild meeting was yesterday. One of my friends found a pattern I wanted for the Sunburst Sling Bag on eBay for $3 (including shipping) and bought it for me, so I procured that and the delicious recycled sari silk for it. I really can't justify spending the money on that yarn, so I'm not even going to try. But it's on the same plane as chocolate in my mind. Really.
I bought more of that same fantastic yarn to finish the modular scarf I'm working on. Again, can't justify it, but it's really really cool. So that should be done before too long.
Finally, something I can justify. I used a Christmas gift card to Barnes and Noble to get The Happy Hooker, which is Stitch and Bitch for crochet. If you don't know about Stitch and Bitch, you're missing out on the best knitting book ever. (The sequel is a little weird, but fun.) Well it looks the crochet book is the equivalent. These are great learn-to books with great references for every basic stitch, and cool, wearable patterns. Seriously, check both these books out. I knit my way through most of the first Stitch and Bitch, and the crochet bug has bitten me lately.
In theory, I knew how to crochet, but after 30 seconds of reading this book, I figured out I've been doing it "wrong" my whole life. Not that the things looked bad before, it's just good to know. And I'm a lot happier doing it right. I'm working on a one skein little handbag that is incredibly cute. Unfortunately, I still have to do it the wrong way to finish they crochet baby blanket I'm in the middle of.
Also arrived, the Yarn Harlot's Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much. The things she does and says related to knitting are completely insane. I totally relate. Aparently she's got a new book coming out before too long. I'm hooked, despite my previous reservations.
The yarn finally arrived for a knitted baby blanket I'm supposed to be working on. It's just so hard to work on something I know I have to do before I can cast on all these fun things. Now with crochet in the ring too, there's just going to be trouble. I think I'm going to have to drop out of school so I have time to do this all.


Aubrey said...

I had a really slow day at work, and I regretted not bringing in my sock to work on while thinking of other ways to occupy my time. Then again, it's probably better that I didn't occupy my time at work by knitting!

I've learned how to crochet roughly a dozen times, and I always forget how to after a few months. I started a crocheted afghan a few months ago, but who knows when I'll finish it. And hey, if you're getting results, then you aren't crocheting wrong! :)

carol said...

Yes, Sarah, I have kicked myself a few times about forgetting my knitting. I need to put one of my ziplocs with beginning socks in my purse, I guess. I have Steph's 2nd book if you want to borrow. I'm about to order her latest. I'm hoping to come to the Tues nite thing this week...Lula's, right?

carol said...

I'll try this again. I thought I posted last night... I know what you mean about not having your knitting...I should just put one of the socks-in-progress in my car. I have the 2nd book (secret life of a knitter)of Steph's if you want to borrow it. I'm hoping to make it to the Tues knit nite, at Lula's right? So let me know if you want me to bring it along.